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Curacao Government On-Line
Official Curacao Government Site.

Vrijwilligers Korps Curacao
The Curacao National Guard.

Algemeen Pensioenfonds van de Netherlands Antillen
APNA is the general pension fund of the Netherlands Antilles for government workers.

Departement Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiëne N.A.
Sectie Milieu en Natuur. Netherlands Antilles Department of Public Health section Nature and Environment.

Fire Departments
Netherlands Antilles.

Korps Politie Nederlandse Antillen
The Netherlands Antilles Police Department.

The National Archives of the Netherlands Antilles

Burgerlijke Stand, Bevolkingsregister en Verkiezingen

The Netherlands Antilles On-Line
Official Netherlands Antilles Government Site

CIA World Factbook, Netherlands Antilles

Government, Netherlands Antilles
By Gunnar Anzinger.

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