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About Ask Curacao
Volunteer E-mail Network

The objective of the " Ask Curacao network " is to provide prompt responses to questions concerning Curacao.

Ask Curacao e-mail network associates consist of volunteer individuals and organizations that are loyal and committed to Curacao. These associates are very serious Curacao enthusiasts and are dedicated to promote Curacao in a positive manner.

The standards for Ask Curacao associates are:

  • Serious Individuals or Organizations
  • Committed to promote Curacao positively
  • Good sources for general information about Curacao
  • Entities that conduct themselves in a respectful
    and honorable manner
  • Able to dedicate some time to answering Curacao
    related questions by e-mail
  • Strictly volunteers

Individuals or organizations that have specialized knowledge in specific Curacao related areas including culture, history, business and commerce are also very welcome to participate in the Ask Curacao network.

For more information or if you think you satisfy the above standards and potentially qualify to become an " Ask Curacao associate ", please send your complete contact information to us.

Please note that not all request to become an " Ask Curacao associate " will be accepted. CyberSpace Curacao ( ) reserves the right to reject requests from individuals and organizations to become " Ask Curacao associates " .

A current associate will loose the associate status immediately if at anytime the associate deviates from the above listed standards.

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